Hunter etiquette: 8 best brands of hunting clothes


Hunting without the appropriate clothing means a loss of comfort, safety and efficiency in the performance of modalities such as mountaineering or stalking (mimicry with the environment continues to play a key role in hunting).

But the choice of shirts, waistcoats, trousers, etc., for hunting responds to aesthetic as well as functional issues. It was rightly the hobby of kings – even if today it is the king of all hobbies – and the elegant and refined taste of royalty is still present in the etiquette of today’s hunter.

Härkila, Beretta, Chiruca, Gamo, Sitka and Chevalier are among the best brands of hunting clothing, backed by the quality of their materials, their innovative technology and the symbiosis between modernity and tradition that are found in their respective catalogues.

Top 8 hunting clothing brands you need to know about


Of Scandinavian origin, Härkila is one of the most reputable hunting clothing brands in Europe. The excellence, technicality and functionality of its products make it a sensible choice for the enthusiast of this ancient art, regardless of the type of hunting practised in Spain. Härkila belongs to the Seeland Group and specialised early on (1985) in elk hunting clothing and equipment.


Founded in 2011 by entrepreneur Jason Hairston, Kuiu stands out among the most avant-garde textile brands. The traditional hunting clothing label is conspicuous by its absence here, with a catalogue of modern, technical products. Kuiu’s hunting clothing stands out for its commitment to performance, lightness and the application of patented technologies (3DEFX, for example) in search of a more efficient performance.


Hunting is especially enjoyable when the clothing worn bears the unmistakable arrows of the Beretta logo. The Italian firm, famous for its pistols, rifles and carbines, has also carved a niche in the hunting fashion sector with a varied stock of exclusive garments. Its designs aim for “maximum performance in your outdoor moments and to make you feel protected from head to toe”, citing the presentation of its 2018-19 collection.


“Underneath a great hunter, there’s always a great boot”. With this slogan, Chiruca presents one of its latest collections of hunting clothing and footwear. Since 1965, this brand from La Rioja has been operating at the forefront of technology to deliver quality products, one hundred percent adapted to the demands of any hunt. Undoubtedly, a benchmark for the Spanish hunting clothing segment.


Hunting and fishing recognise in Hart one of their greatest allies in the field of fashion and footwear. This American company, in business since 1948, specializes in the creation of top-quality clothes. “We use the highest quality materials and the latest manufacturing technologies to design a collection that meets the needs of functionality, ergonomics and protection required by today’s hunters”, according to those in charge of this hunting clothing brand.


Founded by Jonathan Hart, Sitka now occupies a privileged place in the world of hunting fashion, being present in the major department stores and on the main Internet marketplaces. Key to its success is the patented use of technologies such as Gore-Tex, which has been revolutionising the waterproof characteristics of hunting coats since 1969.


Gamo is a well-known Spanish gun manufacturer that, like Beretta and other giants in this market, has successfully ventured into the hunting fashion segment. Today its weddings, polo shirts, jackets, shirts and hats are highly coveted by hunters all over the world thanks to the quality and innovation of its products. Hence, this is another of the most reputable hunting clothing brands.


“Creating opportunities for a life closer to nature”: this is the founding vision of Chevalier, another reference in fashion for hunters, with original designs that are both sustainable and committed to the environment. Its catalogue of garments aims to satisfy hunters in any terrain, climate or circumstance.

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