Deer hunting in Guadalajara


Deer hunting in Spain is one of the most popular hunting methods. Along with wild boar and mouflon, the roe deer is the most sought-after trophy by hunters, and Guadalajara is a privileged setting for its favorable orography and the density of its roe deer populations. In fact, the Manchegan province is home to one of the largest concentrations of roe deer in the Iberian Peninsula.

Hunting roe deer in Guadalajara is a challenging, stealthy, and physically demanding task, especially in mountainous areas, such as El Cardoso. It is carried out through stalking and waiting, which means that success depends on the patience of the hunters, whose days are spent between crops and patches of forest, waiting for the “forest elf” to enter their field of vision.

It is fair to recognize that the inherent beauty of the roe deer adds value to the hunt. This small-sized deer, formally known as Capreolus capreolus, is distinguished by its hoarse voice, intense gaze, and thick gray fur, adorned with a white spot on the anal shield. It has antlers with three points that are shed between November and December. It is no surprise, therefore, that roe deer hunting grounds in Guadalajara are a regular destination for hunting enthusiasts.

Where and when to hunt roe deer in Guadalajara

Stalking, one of the main types of hunting, differs from other disciplines in the greater importance of stealth and the need to adopt strategies and tactics over opportunism and the shooter’s skill, which are also present here, of course.

If we look at the number of animals, stalking is an ungrateful modality. But this low capture rate does not worry the stalker, as he, like the fly fisherman, values the challenge that this discipline poses and the “good taste” of the process can be a reward in itself. The analogy is not out of place: if the rainbow trout is classified as one of the most difficult fish to catch, the roe deer is an equally or more challenging trophy.

Even so, the mountains and forests of Guadalajara usually reward this type of hunter, due to the high volume of roe deer populations that inhabit it. Hunting prospects are particularly good in early spring.

And that is because the best time of year for roe deer stalking in Guadalajara is between early April and mid- or late October. In particular, the heat of this mammal reaches its peak in the months of July and August, with a variable intensity that depends on the weather and the hours of sunlight, mainly.

Locating and tracking the roe deer is essential for obtaining unique trophies. This province covers no less than 12,190 square kilometers, and it is logical to ask where the best hunting opportunities are to be found.

In this sense, one of the most recommended roe deer areas is the northern part of the Serranía de Cuenca, which corresponds to the province of Guadalajara and is where this deer has spread from the Central System in recent decades. The Alcarreño forests and the Señorío de Molina are other regions where roe deer are abundant.

On the other hand, roe deer stalking hunting in Guadalajara benefits from an unfortunate circumstance for farmers: the overpopulation of females. In recent years, the expansion of this prized deer has been unstoppable throughout the Guadalajara territory. Despite contributing to the boom in hunting licenses in the province (up 11% in 2022, according to the Association of Hunting Ground Holders), this ecological imbalance poses a danger to other species and an increased risk of diseases, some of which are harmful to the roe deer themselves. A clear example is the Cephenemyia stimulator parasite, which infects 40-50% of these deer. For the president of the Spanish Roe Deer Association, Florencio Markina, “hunting is the only way to combat the parasite.”

In any case, there is no better setting for hunting roe deer in Spain than the lands of Guadalajara, a paradise for enthusiasts of stalking and the “forest elf.”

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